Spondylolisthesis…..What is that?

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I asked my NP, and she explained it. I also went to WebMD to get a better understanding.

I’ve had the symptoms of buttock pain with leg numbness going down on one side. The pain worsens when I bend or twist, and my legs felt weak. This was the concern motivating me to see my NP. She recommended I not teach my high impact classes for 2-3 weeks and avoid bad (hard) surfaces. I was okay to continue doing low impact and strength classes were there is no jumping or twisting.  She also sent me to Physical Therapy. It was my Physical Therapist who treated me for my piriformis syndrome and who knows the number of classes I teach a week. He has highly recommended I teach at the two classes a day at most. He believes by scaling down I will heal properly.

I will be putting myself on hiatus for a while as I heal. This means I will not be  teaching  West Sunset Zumba® in the Park Class on Wednesday mornings at 11am. I hope that we can find an awesome instructor to sub. I have really enjoyed teaching outside with such fabulous participants. You will still find me teaching Free Zumba® Gold classes in the Park and a new strength format Zumba® Gold-Toning, this Fall at Eureka Valley Rec Center.

For a full schedule click on Zumba in the Park classes.

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